This service is about complete and total access to Dr. Gregory Phillips 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. There is a separate office for PTH patients and there will never be any wait times. Any question, concern, or need will be promptly addressed through your choice of communication whether it be telephone, text messaging, email, Skype, Face Time, or the combination of these. There is a direct and solely dedicated phone number to speak with Dr. Phillips.

Yes. Patients must have medical insurance for services not covered by PTH such as hospitalizations, specialists, x-rays, etc. We do submit charges to your insurance company for office visits. We will not “balance bill”.

No.  Your membership agreement includes all of the services provided by PTH.

PTH will obtain authorizations for the above items.

Dr. Phillips has admitting privileges at Texas Health Resources Harris Fort Worth and at Medical Plaza Fort Worth.  He can manage and coordinate your care at these hospitals.

An annual exam that includes comprehensive laboratory testing which includes advanced lipid and cholesterol testing.  The client will receive an electrocardiogram, routine scheduled immunizations such as the flu, pneumonia, tetanus, and shingles.  Any sick visits can be seen in the office or the patient can call the physician for a phone consultation.  There will be a thorough assessment of health risk factors leading to a wellness plan.  The patient will receive an USB keychain that will contain their pertinent health information.  There are no wait times.  The patient will have complete access to Dr. Gregory Phillips.

House calls are not part of the regular PTH package.  Under special circumstances, this is an option to discuss with Dr. Gregory Phillips.  As a general rule, house call are charged at $350 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour.

PTH services do not include prescription drugs, durable medical equipment or supplies, hospitalization, in-hospital care, or outpatient services; obstetrical services; laboratory work performed outside of the offices of PTH; any services covered by worker’s compensation, Medicaid, x-rays, cat scans, or imaging services;  and electroencephalograms; or other services not usually and customarily performed in the office by professional physician adult internal medicine practitioners.

Prescription drugs are covered by your personal insurance and are not part of the services offered by PTH.  We can provide prior authorizations for your branded products if necessary.

The membership agreement is for a period of one year and is renewable annually.