Phillips Total Health (PTH) is a members-only concierge medical practice offering direct access to Dr. Gregory Phillips for preventive services and early treatment of acute illnesses in order to maintain optimum health and improve the quality of life.

A Concierge Medical Practice

Greg Phillips, MD
Gregory Phillips, MD

Imagine having direct personal access to your physician anytime day or night, ease of scheduling, same-day appointments for acute illness, having a good listener (and diligent researcher) when it comes to understanding your individual medical situation.

Our visit is complete only when all of your concerns have been addressed.

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  • Expedited communication with physician regarding health questions or issues via telephone, email or text messaging.
  • No wait times for appointments
  • No hurried interactions with physician or staff.
  • Limited number of patients in the practice for greater personalized attention.
  • Facilitation of referrals to specialists and admission to hospitals when necessary.
  • Ability to access your medical history including labs and tests whenever you need them.


  • Comprehensive Laboratory testing
  • Advanced lips & cholesterol testing
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Routine scheduled immunizations (flu, pneumonia, tetanus, shingles)
  • Thorough assessment of health risk factors leading to a customized wellness plan